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Sinterklaas Arrives in Hilversum

So yesterday, Elisa and I went out to welcome Sinterklaas as he arrived and paraded around Hilversum.  It’s hard to describe the event adequately.  Imagine if your mall Santa had a line of kids a few THOUSAND long, and then there was a parade with people in black face*, animal suits, and random other costumes.  Now also add in a big party in the center of town with a DJ and a guy in a really bad Batman costume… and you have Sinterklaas’ arrival in Hilversum.  It was a pretty surreal but fun experience.

Here are a handful of the photos I took.  The full set can be found on the Facebook page.

All photos taken up until Batman in town center were taken with my Nikon 1 V1 with the default 10-30mm lens.  Then my battery died and I had to rely on the camera on my Nokia Lumia 720… which is not as nice of a camera.


* The people in black face are Zwarte Piet, Sinterklass’ “helpers”.  There’s a ton of controversy right now over them portraying a racist stereotype (servants) and everyone here’s pretty sensitive about the whole thing.

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